Course Description

Be a barista who knows how to make everyone’s best coffee – we call that an SG Barista. Be equipped with skills to brew both gourmet and local coffee and drinks with consistency and no wastage. Café Latte, Kopi, Cappuccino, Teh Tarik – they name it, you’ve got it! All beginners are welcome!

Course Outline (32 hours)

Basic Gourmet Barista (8 hours):

  • Introduction to coffee and brief history of coffee
  • Introduction to different species and types of coffee
  • Introduction to differences between gourmet and local coffee
  • Knowing parts of an espresso machine and automatic coffee bean grinder
  • Key fundamental knowledge in proper coffee extraction and factors causing improper coffee extraction (i.e. under-extraction and over-extraction)
  • Experiential learning on optimal milk temperature range
  • Proper espresso extraction and milk frothing technique

Pouring technique of different milk-based beverages e.g. Café Latte and Cappuccino

Advanced Gourmet Barista (16 hours):

  • Advanced tamping technique
  • Advanced milk frothing technique
  • Understanding different coffee extractions (e.g. Espresso, Ristretto, etc.)
  • Knowing parts of a manual coffee bean grinder
  • Key principles and components in coffee bean grinder calibration
  • Proper coffee bean grinder calibration technique on manual and automatic coffee bean grinders


Local Barista (8 hours):

  • Introduction to the local coffee scene and commonly-served local beverages
  • Introduction to the roasting process of coffee beans used in traditional local coffee
  • Fundamental concept of the function(s) of components (e.g. sugar, condensed milk, evaporated milk) used in local beverages
  • Understanding the inherent limitations of traditional brewing method with flannel socks
  • Brewing and preparing local Kopi and Teh using newly-innovated Kaffee Kultur methods
  • Exploring all other local beverages (e.g. Milo, Teh Masala, etc.) and their common variations (i.e. common language used in ordering of local beverages in Singapore)

Course Fee and Funding

Course Fee – S$2,700.00

  • Course fee includes all training materials and ingredients
  • An SG Barista Professional certificate will be issued if all minimum assessment requirements are met

Training Grant (Company-Sponsored Training)

Eligible companies can apply for e2i Professional Development Grant (training grant) for staff upskilling (terms and conditions apply. Enquire with us to find out more information!

SG Barista Professional Course