Coffee Master: Level 1.3

Course Description

Explore Pour-over coffee brewing – a popular and highly sought-after brewing method today to enjoy delicate tasting notes of coffee. Whether it is brewing a single origin coffee or coffee blend, get equipped with the fundamental skills in Pour-over coffee brewing to do justice to your coffee!

Course Outline (7 hours)

  • Introduction to coffee and coffee species
  • Introduction to different coffee brewing methods
  • Understanding coffee freshness (whole coffee beans and coffee grounds)
  • Fundamental knowledge in the tools required for Pour-over coffee brewing
  • Key concept of grinder calibration for Pour-over coffee brewing (i.e. proper extraction, under-extraction and over-extraction)
  • Proper technique and steps involved in Pour-over coffee brewing

Course Fee and Funding

Course Fee – S$380.00

  • Course fee includes all training materials and ingredients
  • A Basic Barista (Pour-over Coffee) certificate will be issued if all minimum assessment requirements are met

SkillsFuture Credits

  • Singaporeans (aged 25 and above) are eligible to use SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the full OR partial course fee, if there is sufficient balance
  • SkillsFuture Credits claim is to be done before class commencement

UTAP Benefit

  • NTUC Union members are eligible to use UTAP Benefit to pay for up to 50% of the unfunded course fee
  • Maximum claim for NTUC Union members:
    • Below 40 years: $250 per year
    • 40 years and above: $500 per year
  • UTAP Claim is to be done after class completion (i.e. full course fee or unfunded course fee still has to be paid upfront before class commencement To apply for NTUC Union membership, kindly visit for more details

    NOTE: SkillsFuture Credits and UTAP Benefit can be used concurrently for the same course, kindly note when the respective claim has to be done.

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Coffee Master: Level 1.3