About Us

Where coffee education begins…​

School of Coffee is one of the pioneer barista training schools in Singapore, established more than a decade ago in a polytechnic. Since establishment, School of Coffee has been providing courses for diverse student profiles, with the belief that baristas should be holistically trained on gourmet and local coffee to embrace the unique coffee culture in Singapore.  

We are here to help you embark on your coffee dream​

Coffee is now a big part of many people’s lives and it is a daily routine for these people. Being habitual creatures, we like our daily routine to be a constant as much as possible, making consistency an unknowingly important trait that we look for. At School of Coffee, it is exactly the fundamentals that we focus our trainings on, ensuring that every student understands the rationale behind each crucial step to be done, and making the conscientious effort to do all the required steps with consistency for each cup of coffee brewed. We will teach you the proper way of brewing each cup of gourmet coffee the way it is supposed to look and taste. Many of us did not grow up drinking Café Latte and Cappuccino. In fact, it is the local drinks like Kopi and Teh that we are more familiar with. We believe that our baristas should embrace this unique coffee culture we have here in Singapore, and be proficient in not just gourmet coffee, but our local drinks as well. If you are someone who believes in exploring this huge local coffee market like we do, School of Coffee is the right place for you!