Coffee Master: Level 1.2

Course Description

Be a well-rounded barista and know not just about gourmet coffee, but our traditional local coffee and tea as well! Get exposed to the local drinks culture in Singapore and learn about innovative methods to brew our local coffee and tea better. Embrace our roots and be proud of it!

Course Outline (8 hours)

  • Introduction to the local coffee scene and commonly-served local beverages
  • Introduction to the roasting process of coffee beans used in traditional local coffee
  • Fundamental concept of the function(s) of components (e.g. sugar, condensed milk, evaporated milk) used in local beverages
  • Understanding the inherent limitations of traditional brewing method with flannel socks
  • Brewing and preparing local Kopi and Teh using newly-innovated Kaffee Kultur methods
  • Exploring all other local beverages (e.g. Milo, Teh Masala, etc.) and their common variations (i.e. common language used in ordering of local beverages in Singapore)

Course Fee and Funding

Course Fee – S$650.00

  • Course fee includes all training materials and ingredients
  • A Local Barista certificate will be issued if all minimum assessment requirements are met

SkillsFuture Credits

  • Singaporeans (aged 25 and above) are eligible to use SkillsFuture Credits to pay for the full OR partial course fee, if there is sufficient balance
  • SkillsFuture Credits claim is to be done before class commencement

UTAP Benefit

  • NTUC Union members are eligible to use UTAP Benefit to pay for up to 50% of the unfunded course fee
  • Maximum claim for NTUC Union members:
    • Below 40 years: $250 per year
    • 40 years and above: $500 per year
  • UTAP Claim is to be done after class completion (i.e. full course fee or unfunded course fee still has to be paid upfront before class commencement To apply for NTUC Union membership, kindly visit for more details

    NOTE: SkillsFuture Credits and UTAP Benefit can be used concurrently for the same course, kindly note when the respective claim has to be done.

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Coffee Master: Level 1.2